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Josie grew up in Mesa Arizona and is one of six children. As a young girl and teenager Josie lived a full life and excelled in every task she undertook. As a student at Mesa High she participated in sports student government and a multitude of service opportunities. After receiving a scholarship she continued this path of excellence. As her second year of college began so did the darkness of depression. It continued to increase in intensity until Josie could no longer attend school or work. After seeing over 20 different medical professionals, trying over 30 different medications, working with 3 different naturopathics, hospital stays and having 12 treatments of electric shock therapy, there was still no improvement. She felt a short reprieve from the darkness when a cousin invited her to live with them on their cattle ranch in Montana. She was actually able to work again and teach piano lessons. But when she returned home to get ready to leave on a mission for her church, that all too familiar darkness returned with a vengeance and she was not able to serve. Josie could no longer ignore the feeling that she HAD to get out of town. In the fall of 2012 she packed for a 2-3 day trip to visit a friend in New Mexico and ended up being gone 3 months! She ended up in Buhl Idaho in a small mother-in-law apartment in the back of a stranger’s house. It was there late one night that she decided to give full disclosure to the crippling form of depression/bipolar/OCD that she struggled with. She went public on her blog which she had started a couple of years earlier expecting nothing in return. But little did she know all that would follow from just one blog post. After she hit enter, immediately the phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, and countless emails began flooding in. Prior to that, she just wrote about the silly, comical and more trivial elements of life but then she finally realized that by going public, she just might be able to help others with similar struggles. It was then that Josie realized she had an opportunity to do some real good. In spite of the darkness and all the things Josie has experienced in the last few years, she has never given up hope and is never seen without a huge smile on her face. On her blog she is brutally honest and attacks reality head on as she spares no details sharing the countless times she has spent immersed in an involuntary darkness. But most importantly, she writes about how to come through it and how to find JOY in the journey no matter what your challenges in life may be!

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Sing a’ling’ling

This is totally unrelated to the 444 Project–which by the way is still heavily underway and I so appreciate the help we’ve received thus far.  I still would love more ideas or whatever else anyone could offer! As for now… here is me and my baby gurl’s ditty [youtube]

The 444 Project

Hey er’body— we are currently working on this new blog, but rather than waiting for it to be completed, I wanted to still post…just know we’re definitely not finished with it… But how easy is this new address?!: OKKKKK…so… I have spent the past 5 days taking another road…

bad day and happy thoughts

warning:  no proof-reading has taken place, not feeling it tonight…maybe tomorrow So today was a bit of a bad day.  Let’s just say I hung out on my floor a lot.  I did finally get up at the end of the night and had my good ol’ daddy Jer Bear give…


I found our Christmas card from a few years ago…(The transparent squares are supposed to be check marks, but they didn’t transfer over from the word doc to the blog all too well and let’s be honest…I don’t care enough to try and fix it so it’ll have to do)…

best read of your life

Sometimes thinking is just too great a task for me.  So I am going to put zero forethought into what I write and rather spew whatever cheap thoughts surface… -Did you guys know the joke “why did the chicken cross the road?…to get to the other side” is in reference…